About Us

Thukral Global Immigrations is majorly known to provide extensive range of services in the feild of Immigration and citizenship matters. The firm also deals with deportation and intricate immigration matters in association with myriad law firms around the globe.

Thukral Global Immigration is one of the ventures of the Thukral Group which works in association with Thukral Law Associates. Thukral Global Immigrations has a team of expert and prudent Immigration Lawyers and advisers with a very high success rates who give personalized advise for immigration to various countries. Your case reviewed by our experienced Immigration Lawyers and Advisers who will research the relevant immigration regulations and official procedure manuals to determine the appropriate course of action to achieve residence status according to your individual situation.
TGI provides written advice and guidance at each stage of the application process and on-going supervision of your case by our immigration advisers and consultants is given to keep you updated. Thukral Global Immigrations does the complete preparation of the entire visa application on your behalf, in accordance with the current immigration regulations including the completion of official application forms, submissions and supporting documentation to substantiate educational history, work experience, funds , marital status etc. TGI makes sure to identify and clarify complications or possible problems with the immigration authorities or relevant official bodies which an applicant can face during the process. TGI makes sure to coordinate your time-sensitive documentation such as medical tests, English language tests, police reports, and, where necessary, the applications for professional registration and official qualification recognition. TGI does the proper presentation of your application to the immigration authorities in the format recommended by the immigration authorities. Monitoring your application during the official processing of your case, liaison between you and the authorities, and responding to any questions raised by the immigration authorities is the main concern of the TGI.
TGI provides personalized assistance and practical advice throughout the entire immigration procedure. A prospective immigrant needs a professional legal advice to answer his queries of when, why, where and how to achieve the desired results under law. Thukral Global Immigration provides the most efficient and effective legal services & consultancy in the Immigration laws field from the day you retain our services. We assist you in a professional and orderly manner to supply exactly the information expected by the relevant agencies and authorities. We assist you to prepare and submit your Visa Application forms and ensuring that they have been filled out correctly. The Lawyers draft the written, legal submissions, which accompany your application package to argue why you should be issued the appropriate visa and they also ensure that your letters of reference and supporting documentation comply with the requirements and standards to ensure the expeditious processing of your application. It is important an application is right first time. It is therefore essential to seek help from Immigration adviser before an application is made.
Thukral Global Immigration is recognized as one of the reputed immigration law firms in India. We have an established reputation for providing clear and strategic immigration advice, which is tailored for each situation and client. We do more than just process applications – and gets personally involved all the way through the process to minimize any stresses that may occur when moving staff and families across the world. Our experienced and highly ranked team advises both corporate and private clients, on the routes of immigration available to them. We often help private individuals of substantial means with their complex moves of families and staff to different countries across the globe.